Table 1

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Grant Company Name

Grant Category


Project Title

7th Beat Games Sdn BhdDigital Content Grant (DCG)2018Rhythm Doctor
aadisalman.comDIGITAL CONTENT CREATORS CHALLENGE (DC3) - DIGITAL COMIC2020Ellie's Battleground
Adam QS Sdn BhdSmart Automation Grant2020Digital Cost Management Solution
Addeen Multimedia Sdn BhdDigital Content Grant (DCG)2020Jom Book-a-Bookoo!
Aeonsparx Interactive Sdn BhdDigital Content Grant (DCG)2019Zombie Soup
Agensi Pekerjaan Ajobthing Sdn. Bhd.Global Technology Grant2020Instant Hiring Platform
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Table 2

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Employment Pass Categories


Duration of Employment

Category 1More than or equal to RM10,000Up to 5 years
Category 2RM5,000 to RM9,999Up to 2 years. Less than OR equal 1 year
Category 3From RM3,000 to Rm4,999(Maximum of 2 renewal)

Table 3

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Employment Pass Eligibility Criteria

Category 1

Category 2

Category 3

Applicant must earn a basic salary of minimum RM10,000 per month; AND
Applicant must have an employment contract valid up to 60 months (subject to MDEC discretion).
Applicant must earn a basic salary of minimum RM5,000 per month; AND
Applicant has an employment contract valid up to 24 months.
Applicant earns a basic salary between RM3, 000 to RM4,999; AND
Applicant’s employment contract must not exceed 12 months.