MDEC on Astro Awani: Women in the Digital Age
The digitalization of society has opened up more avenues for women to play a more prominent role in Malaysia and indeed globally.  

This was one of the key messages presented recently during one of the episodes of a special Astro Awani series exploring the impact of digital transformation in Malaysia. 

Speaking during the episode exploring the changing roles of women in the digital arena, MDEC’s CEO Datuk Yasmin Mahmood – alongside three another leading women - said that due to nature of digital technology, women are seeing better access to services and have a increasing opportunities to voice their opinions.  

The panel noted that while many traditional family units have a ‘ stay-at-home mom,’ her voice can now be heard beyond the household, and shared throughout the digital space, reaching more people. This aspect of digital inclusivity has increased the opportunity of independence for women in tandem with many other voices.  

This independence, continued the panel, has also taken the shape of greater economic freedom. Women are playing a significant role in the growth of booming eCommerce sector in Malaysia. No longer limited to local market, we are now seeing a rising trend of local female online entrepreneurs. This trend is partly due to women being able to target a specific female demographic, said the panel.  

Digital transformation is changing our daily reality: Women are playing on a more equal playing field in the digital space. This will create a far more inclusive and equal society, one that is further bolstered the amplifying capability of social media and digital technology in general.  

On an earlier occasion, Datuk Yasmin said: “There is no limit to what you can do in the digital industry: you have to find the area you are passionate about. On the personal side of things, as an example, I was a young woman when the vision of MSC and Malaysia being a knowledge-based economy was set (back in 1996) with the ICT industry being a key enabler in this journey. I was there when the first brick was laid in Cyberjaya.”