Why Malaysian companies must Go Global!
The business landscape in Malaysia is changing rapidly as investors are actively chasing local deals due to the ability of Malaysian companies to maneuver around the somewhat divided and highly regulated markets in Southeast Asia.

In a well received thought leadership piece “Building Local Tech Champions means Growing Fast and Going Global”, MDEC’s Vice President of Enterprise Development Gopi Ganesalingam said: “Well, as they say, times have changed: Money is now chasing local deals because of the ability of Malaysian companies to navigate the fragmented and tightly regulated markets of Southeast Asia. This is very important to note, as this is changing the landscape in Malaysia.”  

Due to the nature of startups, however, they start with a small number of customers as they do not have the protection of a license. Through these small clienteles, they receive feedback, gain traction and often go through a few product iterations. Once that has been achieved, funding is required to help them move from being mere startups to scale-ups. This is where investors come in, giving these companies access to funds and global market.  

Digitization coupled with the openness of today’s borders has resulted in the creation of an environment where competition lands at your doorstep as soon as a company starts up. However, the scale and speed of growth are dependent on the fuel and that fuel is cash – and plenty of it!  

To hear more from Gopi on how to go global, visit - “Building Local Tech Champions means Growing Fast and Going Global"