MDEC was established in 1996 as the lead agency to implement the MSC Malaysia initiative. Today, we are an agency under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM) with a close to 25-year track-record of successfully leading the ICT and digital economy growth in Malaysia. Malaysia’s central geographical location in ASEAN, its young & digitally-savvy population, multicultural & multilingual tapestry, easy access to capital & regional markets, ease of doing business, certainty of business operating environment and legal system, comparative value and high standard of living, makes it the natural choice to land and grow your digital business here.

MDEC’s aspiration is to firmly establish Malaysia as the Heart of Digital ASEAN, a regional digital powerhouse launching global champions to lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution, ensuring our digital economy will drive shared prosperity for all Malaysians.


We are focused on accelerating our digital economy growth, ensuring it is inclusive and rewarding for all, focused on the key drivers: empowering Malaysians with Digital Skills, enabling Digitally-Powered Businesses, and driving Digital Sector Investments.

MDEC will lead the nation into the new decade as the region’s preferred digital economy, contributing almost 20% to the country’s GDP (highest among ASEAN nations) and 30% to ASEAN internet economy.


Advancing Malaysia’s Economy by Accelerating Digital Transformation

MDEC is committed to rolling out key digital initiatives announced in MYDIGITAL through three strategic thrusts – empowering Digitally Skilled Malaysians, accelerating Digitally-Powered Businesses and attracting Digital Investments. Our vision is to create a society deeply integrated with technology centred on ensuring shared prosperity for the many and towards realising Malaysia 5.0.

Our People

Digitalising a nation’s economy requires expertise in multiple industries. We bring together innovators, thought leaders and technology advocates to lead Malaysia’s Digital Economy forward.

The core values that we live by at MDEC are:

  • We Serve The Nation

  • We Are Forward Thinkers

  • We Are Go-Getters

  • We Are Collaborators

  • We Have Fun

But at the end of the day, the Digital Economy is not just MDEC’s responsibility – it is everybody’s. Our role is to help organise and inspire, but Malaysia’s digital future lies in the hands of her people.

Our Programmes & Initiatives

Following our mandate to lead the development of the Digital Economy in Malaysia, MDEC has developed and implemented various first-mover digital initiatives and programmes that have re-shaped Malaysia as an innovative producer of digital content and services for Digital Skills (mydigitalmaker, Premier Digital Tech Institutions, e-Usahawan, GLOW) Digital Business (Malaysia Digital Hubs, GAIN, DFTZ) and Digital Investments (MSC, Global Business Services, Global Testbed Initiative).

Board of Directors

Meet the industry professionals entrusted to guide MDEC through the complex and fluid Digital Economy.

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Senior Leadership Team

Get to know the Senior Leadership Team who are stewarding Malaysia’s Digital Economy initiatives and supporting the Board of Directors for MDEC to deliver on its mandate.

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