To future-proof existing business and to expand local market access to the global stage

The Objectives

Attract stakeholders to Industry 4.0 technologies & processes, and further increase Malaysia’s attractiveness as a preferred manufacturing location
Create the right ecosystem for Industry 4.0 to be adopted and align existing and future development initiatives
Transform Malaysia’s industry capabilities in both a holistic and an accelerated manner

The Strategies

Access to smart technologies & standards
  • Establish digital/technology labs and collaborative platforms, especially public-private partnerships (PPPs), to create awareness and understanding, foster the adoption of new technologies, and facilitate the transfer of knowledge
  • Establish and implement standards for interoperability, quality and safety for smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 technologies
  • Intensify Research, Innovation, Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship (RICE) programmes and activities in specific Industry 4.0 technologies and processes that support and advance priority sectors

The Objectives


Estimated increase in productivity per person in the manufacturing industry by 2025
Increase the absolute contribution from the manufacturing sector to the national economy from RM254 billion to RM392 billion by 2025


Have Malaysia be ranked amongst the top 30 nations in the Global Innovation Index ranking by 2025


Estimated increase in the number of high-skilled workers in the manufacturing sector by 2025


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