To future-proof existing business and to expand local market access to the global stage

The Outcomes

Accelerate seller adoption of eCommerce
Increase adoption of eProcurement by businesses
Lift non-tariff barriers (e-Fulfillment, cross-border, e-Payment, consumer protection)
Make strategic investments in select eCommerce player(s)
Promote national brand to boost cross-border eCommerce

The Programme

  1. Promote and market eCommerce to Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

    • To ensure that businesses are aware of the benefits of eCommerce
    • Programme to be led by SME Corporation Malaysia
  2. Improve SME eCommerce training and talent development

    • By establishing multi-platform, multi-tool training opportunities to cover the life cycles of SMEs, from entry to maturity
    • Programme to be led by SME Corporation Malaysia
  3. Create a one-stop business portal for SMEs

    • To obtain information about eCommerce, such as eCommerce readiness surveys, eBusiness apps, training opportunities, community FAQs, and financial incentives among others
    • Programme to be led by SME Corporation Malaysia

The Outcomes

Double the eCommerce growth rate of Malaysia
Have eCommerce contribute RM211 billion to the national economy by the year 2020


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